Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Studley Husband

About a year ago Ben just started running. He hated it. This spring he was able to run the Salt Lake Half Marathon, because a friend of his signed up and then couldn't run it, so Ben did it for him.

He came home so excited that he signed right up for the St. George Marathon! This is a HUGE marathon, with runners from all over the country and even the world. It's a Boston qualifier, and apparently fairly popular. He was lucky enough to be drawn in the lottery and had a spot!!

Then he thought: What have I gotten myself into??? Dun dun dunn..

Six months, lots of knee and Achilles pain, many runs and THREE ICE BATHS (yes, ice baths) later, the big weekend arrived!!!!

On the way down things were serious business in the car. He wanted to be sure he was mentally prepared. This meditation technique shown below is known as "The Twizzler Teeth."

The night before there was a big Runner's expo and the boys and I got to make signs to cheer on our awesome runner!

An early morning after a nearly sleepless night: 4:00 a.m the first shuttle up into the mountains headed out. (The boys and I were still snug in our beds.)

Waiting near the finish line:

Here he comes!!!!

Andy (in the blue shirt) gave Daddy a high five as he ran past!!!

There he goes, almost there!!!

He crossed the finish line nine seconds under his goal time! Whewf!!!

26.2 miles down!!! Super proud of my man!!! Way to go after your goals babe!! We are all so proud!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pictures that Make Me Smile.

Just a few random pictures that make me laugh or smile. Some of the day to day moments that make up our lives. A few were taken by the boys themselves.

First day on his training wheel bike!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

THREE THREE THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody special turned 3 in February!

Cousins Max and Maddie came and brought some super fun gifts. We also had a visit from Grandpa and Grandma W! Thanks for coming!

The kids spontaneous pose! They are so funny!

Andy got a haircut not long after his birthday and looked even more grown up. We sure love our little Monkey-Goose.

THREE YEARS OLD, February 6, 2011!!!

I always ask Andy who is my Goosey-Boy, and he says "ME!" I ask "Who is my Monkey-Goose?" "ME!" "Who is my zoo-zoo boy?" "ME!" "Who is my stinker-buggy?" "ME!"
"Who is my zizzer-zazzer-zuzz?" "ME!"

He is sure getting grown up, and he is still SO much fun.

Christmas Catch Up!

Well it's only April and I'm finally getting around to update Christmas. I wouldn't really worry about keeping up to date except I print my blog books every year and it's my only "scrapbook" for our family so I must keep up!!!

Christmas Eve 2010 my boys got a new pair of jammies, they were so excited! Then we read from the Bible and watched the animated A Christmas Carol, with Jim Carey. Turns out it's even scarier than the version I grew up watching, but by the end my boys were happy and enjoyed it.

It already seems AGES ago but we had a wonderful Christmas.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things I want to remember!

I'm really behind blogging! I've got to do Christmas and Andy's birthday, and some other fun things we've been up to. However, loading my pictures from my camera to my computer seems like such a chore right now! You'll just have to wait! But for now, these are a few of the things Andy says that I just LOVE, and want to remember always.

When asked what my name is he says, "Daskeena!"
He calls tractors "trapters".
He calls his babysitter Rosario "Buh-sario".
He calls the dental light at my work "Dr. Toby." I work for Dr. Stobbe (Stobey). He then somehow mixed that up into thinking the dental light was the doctor! Not sure how but he likes Dr. Toby!
He calls yogurt "Rogurt." Turns out now they actually make Scooby-Doo themed yogurt they call "Rogurt" so naturally I had to buy it!

I can't think of anything else right now, but whenever Ben or Charlie corrects his pronunciation I always shush them! I know he'll grow out of his cute way of speaking far too soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pack It In!!

With Ben working six days a week this entire month, his one day off is Saturday. So this Saturday we packed in the activities! We had our ward Christmas Breakfast, and Santa paid a visit. Then we went sledding with our good friends the Earls. Followed by dinner at Trolley Square and lights at Temple Square with my cousins and their families. It was a great day together!

We're working on an arranged marriage between Charlie and Emma Earl! A few weeks ago she came home from school and said "I am in love with Charlie." "He has a very cute face." Love it!

My Boys!!

At Temple Square there were these two big trees just totally ablaze with awesome orange and yellow lights. The picture doesn't do it justice!

Packing it in worked out this day!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Charlie Dear!!

Mr. Charlie-Boy turned Seven on December 1st. Pretty amazing how time flies!

Charlie on his actual birthday.

We had a great time a few days later, with lots of cousins for his birthday party. The guests included:
Cousins: Gracie, Susie, Rosie, Max, Maddie, Alyx, Ethan, Braden
Aunts/Uncles: Lynette and Jared, Bret and Laura
Grandma G also came! Thank you everyone for coming!!

Minute to Win It-Shoveling Snow game-the kids were pretty funny to watch shaking their heads trying to get the cotton balls off their nose!

Make a wish!

At 7 years old Charlie loves:
School-he's quite a good reader now, working his way through chapter books
His friends at school-I hear the most about Marcus, Sawyer, and Israel
Lego's-been having quite a fun time building his Lego's starwars collections
Skiing-he chose to get ski boots for his birthday and less toys
How To Train Your Dragon
Putting up Christmas decorations
Playing with cousins and friends

He also is:
A healthy eater-his choice for birthday dinner: Salmon and green beans and almost didn't even want to eat his birthday doughnuts on his birthday or his cupcake at his party

Still sweet to his Mom, although gets a little too cool to say hello or hug his Mom when I help at his school.

Still loves soccer although he's on break from it during the winter.

Top Reader in his school class for reading the most minutes.

Gets awards at school for "Always paying attention and knowing the answers."

Really good at his math homework and he likes to have homework.

Still my early riser!

We love you Charlie!