Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Studley Husband

About a year ago Ben just started running. He hated it. This spring he was able to run the Salt Lake Half Marathon, because a friend of his signed up and then couldn't run it, so Ben did it for him.

He came home so excited that he signed right up for the St. George Marathon! This is a HUGE marathon, with runners from all over the country and even the world. It's a Boston qualifier, and apparently fairly popular. He was lucky enough to be drawn in the lottery and had a spot!!

Then he thought: What have I gotten myself into??? Dun dun dunn..

Six months, lots of knee and Achilles pain, many runs and THREE ICE BATHS (yes, ice baths) later, the big weekend arrived!!!!

On the way down things were serious business in the car. He wanted to be sure he was mentally prepared. This meditation technique shown below is known as "The Twizzler Teeth."

The night before there was a big Runner's expo and the boys and I got to make signs to cheer on our awesome runner!

An early morning after a nearly sleepless night: 4:00 a.m the first shuttle up into the mountains headed out. (The boys and I were still snug in our beds.)

Waiting near the finish line:

Here he comes!!!!

Andy (in the blue shirt) gave Daddy a high five as he ran past!!!

There he goes, almost there!!!

He crossed the finish line nine seconds under his goal time! Whewf!!!

26.2 miles down!!! Super proud of my man!!! Way to go after your goals babe!! We are all so proud!!!


Vause Family said...

So so so exciting!

WilyBCool said...

Woot Woot! That's awesome!

Bennyc said...

Could not have done it without the support of my beautiful wife and sweet family. I love you guys.